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Assistance to Open Offshore Center in India

  • We can help you set up an offshore development center (ODC) in India. Sign up with us and free yourself from the worries of overseeing daily operations of the ODC.

    What is ODC?

    For the uninitiated, ODC or Offshore Development Center is a dedicate area of operations for software testing, development and support activity. It is a perfect solution for small to mid-sized companies that wish to avail the services of world-class software professionals with 40-60% of the total costs.

    ODC in India

    Both small and big firms and multinational companies choose countries like India and China for offshore development due to cost advantages, to make use of skilled pool of local professionals and reduced time to market. Software outsourcing companies with operations or offshore development centers in India are presently reporting a 40-60% cost benefit. This is leading to a substantial annual growth without compromising on quality.

    Our ODC Services

    Our ODC services have been recognized by clients as a low-risk way to set up ODC in India without any upfront capital investment. We help clients manage their operations of the ODC and provide them with resources for application development.

    • We guide you with the following:
    • Company registration
    • Infrastructure selection
    • Managing security and operations
    • Hiring professionals and staff selection
    • Managing Staff

    We work with industry experts who are dedicated in making every process smoother for our clients. You may use our premises as your dedicated ODC or get our assistance in opening a new ODC.

    Why Choose Our ODC Services?

    Our offshore development services offer multiple advantages to our clients, which allow us to enjoy a steady relationship with them.

    • Low cost infrastructure setup
    • Industry expert project managers
    • Confidentiality and security
    • Lower ownership costs
    • Setting up a high-end communications model
    • Complete quality management
    • A vast pool of high-end skilled professionals
    • Protection of intellectual property rights
    • Setting up and transfer of operational responsibilities
    • Creating functions and processes for performance evaluation of units

    You can select your own team of dedicated full-time professionals or ask us to do the needful for you. Once your offshore team begins to function seamlessly with your core development team, you can increase the team size. We help you upgrade from shared facility to your own independent facility, offering specialized support all through the way.

    Economical ODC Services

    We are affordable than most other offshore development services based in India. Our solutions are practical and cost-effective, as well as highly reliable. Our flexible pricing structure offers a win-win situation to clients and minimizes their upfront costs. Our long experience as an ODC ensures that you get started as soon as possible, and with the best pool of resources possible without a lot of investment. Contact us today to request a free quote.

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