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Subcontracting and Outsourcing Services (In USA and India)

  • We specialize in providing our clients with subcontracting services. You can subcontract any of your services to us and let us handle your additional work while you create a scalable business without extra overheads.

    Our Subcontracting Services

    Small and medium-sized businesses lack the time and staff to handle all operations by themselves. We have full-scale subcontracting units in place to assist such organizations. Our subcontracting services in USA and India include:


    Our pool of talented web developers helps develop a quality application or website, just as you want it. With a vast array of professional custom designs, we can ensure amazing results and faster turnarounds for you.


    We use only the state-of-the-art operating systems to create applications that are user friendly, highly interactive and functionally excellent. Our mobile application development team is well-versed with iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry technologies to create just the app you need.


    We provide our clients with online and offline data entry services. Whether you need professional data entry, data capturing, data processing or any other service, we are there for you.


    Subcontract your medical transcription and general transcription requirements to us and let highly skilled professionals take up your task. Our team is equipped with specialized training and is aware of the latest medical terminology.


    Choose our high performance professionals for a range of accounting services, such as finance, bookkeeping, auditing and assurance - all customized to fit the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses.


    Get high-quality search engine optimization strategies woven into your website and brand building campaigns. We also do social media promotions and on-page optimization for successful social media marketing.


    We provide our clients with telephone answering, email and chat support services. We are global provider of customer support solutions over voice, email and chat, strengthening customer relationships through service optimization.

    We are presently working with some of the largest firms in USA and pride ourselves in having exceeded their expectations in terms of both quality and cost.

    Why Choose Us?

    Our subcontracting services offer you the following advantages:

    • Cost-effective services – With talented professionals based in USA and India, we offer you economical services that are easy on the pockets. We charge much less than our competitors and this is one of the main reasons for our rapid success.
    • Customized services – We do not go by one-size-fits-all approach and customize our services to satisfy the unique requirements of our clients. Your specific needs are taken care of and our staff take care that your inputs are implemented to ensure your complete satisfaction.
    • Highest quality standards – We may not be affordable but we do not compromise on the quality. Our skilled professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience to know which strategies work and which do not. So you get the highest quality services.
    • Timely delivery – We ensure that your projects are completed on time in the best possible manner. Our premium services guarantees attending to client work on an urgent basis. We oversee all operations and make sure that your projects are completed on schedule.
    • 24/7 Support – Our dedicated support staff keep in touch with you over chat or phone to inform you about progress, possible changes or suggestions. Our friendly staff patiently hears out your problems and put you in touch with the right technical person to answer all your queries. Throughout the entire process, our professionals keep you abreast of all developments and make you understand that their company is receiving the best quality service.

    You can get a free quote and compare it with those of others to see where we stand.

    In a highly dynamic business environment, we successfully manage all subcontracted activities. Our subcontracts units are an integral part of various medical, accounting and web development processes. We are dedicated to providing services in a safe and effective manner.

    If you need high-quality subcontracting services, feel free to get in touch with us and request a free quote today. Our friendly staff will patiently hear your requirements and guide you about the package that you need. Utilize our subcontracting services to focus on your core business and maximize your profits.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a free quote today.